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About Us

The Utah Prevention System is a group of dozens of county-level and small area coalitions working together to conduct prevention work for a better, safer Utah.

These coalitions strive to protect our communities, promote positive lifestyles and prevent substance abuse and behavioral health problems.

Each coalition is empowered to adapt to the needs of the community by reducing risk factors and supporting protective factors relating to substance abuse, suicide, delinquency, crime and any other target outcome.

Our focus is based on evidence-based prevention practices, which we believe is the most effective method to decrease these behavioral health problemas.

Together, each community member and agency can help us achieve this goal.

Our services are aimed to help the public by engaging community leaders and organizations, bringing impactful policies into practice.

For more information on how to conduct evidence-based prevention, you can use resources from SAMHSA, CADCA or CTC.

Find Us

If you would like to get involved in local prevention efforts to make a difference for your community, contact your local prevention coordinator.

Our Mission

We are determined to mobilize communities and prevent behavioral health problems in the state of Utah.

As a group of coalitions, and united in purpose, we hope to reduce and eliminate the use of drugs and other risky behaviors.

Our focus is on skill building for individuals, families, institutions and organizations. Each community member and every agency is essential in helping us build a better tomorrow. Together, we can accomplish our goals and unleash the power of evidence-based prevention and decrease the burden of behavioral health problems.